About Us

The Parisi family are a dynasty in South Australia hospitality, with three generations renown for some of the states most iconic Italian establishments.
It all began in 1967 with Antonino Parisi’s iconic Hindley Street pizzeria, Marcellina.

Infamous for serving exceptional quality food until 5.00am, the family’s reputation spread fast, before youngest son Andy Parisi branched out, establishing the now world famous La Trattoria Restaurant in 1975.

In November 2004, the city of New York crowned Andy the “World’s Best Pizza Maker’ for his outstanding Marinara pizza, which continues to draw crowds to this day at the institute which is ‘La Tratt’ of Adelaide.

Just over 21 years ago, Andy’s three children, extended the South Australian institute into the modern culinary scene. With continuously infusing the menu with our modern flair for over the last 16 years.

Parisis of Hyde Park offers ‘al a minute’ freshly prepared traditional Italian cuisine with a touch of the Parisi family flair.
We invite you to discover the world famous pizza, mouth watering pasta and exclusive Italian dishes of Parisi’s restaurant.

Welcome to the authentic Italian experience.